Why we shouldn’t use web images for print.

Have you ever noticed when you grab an image from the web to use in your print job, it looks blurry or pixelated?

Print resolution and web resolution are two completely different animals and the resolution required for the best output in these two media types is also different. Web images can generally be set to 72 dpi and anything above this resolution would actually cause the page online to load slow. How many times do you visit a website and have to wait while an image slowly loads? The problem is that resolution also affects file size, and in websites, affects download speed. In the case where it’s taking a long time chances are the dpi is above the internets 72 dpi size. However, the opposite is true for print materials. Instead of having too much image information causing a page to load slow, with print jobs if you’re using web images there isn’t enough image information. Print images need no less that 300 dpi and if you have only 72dpi from web images then your prints will be blurred and of low quality. Is there anything you can do about it? Give Urbane Media a call and lets discuss your options.