Is it time to update your marketing collateral?

There’s no one answer to this question, but here are a few ideas that will help you decide when your collateral needs an update.

Business collateral has many functions. It list your products and services, promotes your specials, provides contact information as well as brands your business (just to name a few). Anytime there is a change in any of these areas you are in need of updated collateral. At Urbane Media we suggest that you have your core business collateral which states the definitive information and contact for your company and to use separate material to promote your specials. This way you never out date your core collateral because of an expired special. If your contact information, i.e., phone number, web address .etc changes, you must update your material or you could miss out on sales. Also, if you have a new logo make sure the old one is no longer being circulated. Circulating multiple logos could throw your branding efforts off big time, so definitely update marketing in the case of a new logo. Another aspect to consider is adding your logo to all your material as business collateral functions as a significant branding opportunity. Lastly, if your business is offering additional services or is no longer offering certain ones, you need to update your material. These are just a few ideas on knowing when to update your business collateral, for a comprehensive list and to discuss your marketing collaterals update, contact Urbane Media today.