How much to spend on marketing collateral.

This is a great question because there are many options depending on your budget.

Depending on your marketing objective you will want to consider how much money you’ll need to shell out for your marketing materials. For some companies who can afford to will allocate more to their marketing budget. However when you are just starting your business, any money allocated has to be carefully weighed against your operating expenses. Many small business’ actually sacrifice marketing for this reason. Often start-ups fail to realize that you make more sales on average when you invest in your business’ marketing and sales collateral. This is not something you should ignore, however how much to spend needs to be thoroughly accessed. You want to first make sure you are working with professionals because an amateur designer can waste your money by producing materials that make your business appear unprofessional. You would never use a service that didn’t impress you, so make sure your materials give an impression of professionalism. The quantities are also another aspect that can drive costs but remember these pieces will actually bring more business in. Also, if a piece does really well for you then you will be out of them soon if you don’t get enough. Likewise, if there is an issue with what you produced and you need to throw them out, you lose money! Be careful and consult with professionals. Urbane Media is ready to discuss your marketing goals and budget, give us a call today!