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Creativity is our passion.

Our distinctive branding concepts are designed to inspire, impress, and drive your brand to new heights. We practice an intelligent, integrated approach to branding that refines your message and brings out untapped potential.
We believe the only way to be creative is to be original.True art lies in being bold enough to be different.
Your goals are just the beginning. Our innovative branding sparks a world of new possibilities.


We appreciate the fact that everything that can be printed presents an opportunity to create a work of art.


Capturing the soul of your brand in a simple, enduring image is the mark of creative excellence. We design logos that hold seeds of greatness.


Your web presence is a chance to explore the vast possibilities of the web. We create authentic online experiences that captivate and motivate your customers.


Social media is our way of exploring the depths of your vision and magnetizing your brand.


Everything your company does, promises, and stands for is embedded in the artistic design of your visual identity.

About Us

Urbane Media started with a vision.

After 15 years amassing professional experience in a number of creative roles, Ysis James was inspired to establish an agency that honors the idea that creative vision comes from the infinite place of the soul.

Throughout her career, Ysis experienced time and again that her vision for her clients’ potential went far beyond what they saw for themselves and beyond the scope of her job and even the agency. She saw creative possibilities that went untapped, opportunities missed. She realized that design had to be innovative and inspirational.

Urbane Media was founded to be a new kind of company with a new kind of leadership. Based on an integrated approach to branding and design, Urbane Media is dedicated to exceeding clients’ expectations. At Urbane, top talent is cultivated, bold original ideas are the norm, and branding is an art form.

We love to share our creative process. Come see what we’ve been up to.

Imaginative thinking and artistic integrity.

These are the qualities Ysis James brings to every part of her life.
Drawn to the creative arts early in life, she honed her skills by studying at the School of Visual Arts and City College in New York City and earning a masters degree in Integrated Digital Media from New York University. The real education, however, came through her vast professional experience.



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As creative visionaries, our job is to see potential in your brand you haven’t even dreamed of yet.



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